If you’ve been feeling bored or frustrated with the path you’re on this will help to:


  • Stop following advice that doesn’t work for you and

  • Navigate creation without getting lost in the ‘right’ way

What if the ‘how to’s’ of this world don’t apply to you?
Ever notice how many formulas there are for what you’re supposed to do and how you’re supposed to do it? The world is full of experts who tell us how to get what we want. Trouble is that advice is full of preconceived notions. It speaks to the largest possible audience so the ones who are unique – aka you! – struggle to make the formula fit and then judge themselves. Frustration, in-authenticity and dissatisfaction soon follow. 

This ‘rule of the road’ will give you the permission to step out of the box. Featuring a-ha’s on what’s unique about you – your pleasure points, awareness and how things apply (or don’t!) to you. You’ll learn a simple mindset to free your energy and creativity.

For me, this exploration was not an easy one. It felt like I was turning away from mentors, family, even society at times. Funny how we think that if we don’t follow the same paths others do – or the one they want us to! – that we are being ungrateful in some way. But I’ve come to see that nothing could be further from the truth…