If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed or over-sensitive than this rule will help you to:


  • Find yourself in the noise of the world and

  • Let others in (without losing yourself in the process)

What if you could live open and strong?

Many fight or retreat from their empathy. Feeling everything so intensely can be draining, uncomfortable and scary at times. I know this first hand. After a while it seems wiser to shut down and block it out so that you can finally have a sense of yourself. It’s sad to see so many chose this because they have yet to discover how to 1) handle and 2) use their empathy in a positive way.

This “rule of the road” will teach you that empathy is a superpower. It helps you read others and connect deeply to them. It allows you to see what others can’t or won’t. It lets you experience a depth of living that most don’t get to. There is a way to live open and strong.

For me, this exploration unlocked many skills that I now use in my business and career. It’s also helped me enjoy people more – now that I don’t feel swept away by their ‘stuff’! I’m continually surprised by the depth of this ability. And what it creates with the people in my life. I connect deeper, change more and enjoy the process along the way.