If you’ve been feeling depleted or irritated when others need you than this video will help you:

  • Stop over spending yourself and

  • Reclaim your love of caring for others in a sustainable way

What if caring for others could come from the overflow of your full tank?

This one is for all the caregivers and people persons out there. Being the shoulder to cry on, cheerleader and the one that transforms others is an amazing way to live. It can also get exhausting sometimes as our resources run low. Our ability to help others can become a liability to help ourselves if we’re not careful.

This “rule of the road” will teach you how to flip the direction of your resources. We’re taught that we need to take care of everyone else then care for ourselves with what’s left over. But it’s the opposite that will give you sustainability. By gifting to yourself first, prioritizing that above all else, you’ll be able to help others with more ease. And also learn to say no when necessary! 

For me, this rule has been a game-changer when working at the hospital (as a speech therapist). My worry and exhaustion at the end of the day is a thing of the past. I know I can care for my patients without neglecting myself. It isn’t a them or me battle anymore. (the same applies for my personal relationships too!)