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    What if your difference was where your true brilliance lies?  And the most useable assets to create a life you love? 

      Lauren Polly, MEd. CCC-SLP, RYT

      Founder of The Mental Wealth Movement

      With 18+ years in personal and program development, Lauren Polly offers expertise in organization-wide trainings. She sparks transformations through vibrant keynotes, tailored workshops, and consultative work. Lauren nurtures unique talents within the neuro-emotional divergent community, fostering a supportive space for sharing remarkable gifts.

      Drawing from her experience as an emotionally divergent individual, Lauren recognizes the impact of mental health labels. She reveals the hidden truth that perceived drawbacks can be powerful advantages. Lauren’s clear communication simplifies complex ideas into practical takeaways, showcased in international workshops on Mental Health, Communication, and Self-Awareness.

      She combats burnout proactively, providing solutions and corporate Q&A sessions, extending her influence to well-being and literary festivals. Lauren’s media presence includes respected platforms like CUTV news, national news, and contributions to outlets such as Maria Shriver, MindBodyGreen, and THRIVE Global. Her acclaimed book, “The Other Side of Bipolar,” celebrates hidden potential within perceived drawbacks.