If you’ve been feeling like you’re judging your choices or that you’re missing out on something special than this will help you to:


  • Silence your inner critic and

  • Steer your life forward (without judgment!)

What if there was a better way to navigate life than with the constant judgment of your mind?

Most of us are taught to navigate life with our minds. At each cross road we turn to it to seek the right answer on which way to go. We follow the logical path but then question our choices every step of the way. After a while the ‘what might have beens’ and ‘too late nows!’ start adding up to self-doubt and un-fulfillment. We’re left wondering if there is more that we are missing out on – to life and to ourselves.

This “rule of the road” will teach you how to look past your mind and tap into your deeper senses.

Call it awareness, intuition or gut knowing; it’s this sense of what’s true for you beyond the right and wrong of your mind. And by using it as a navigational system (think internal GPS!) you’ll learn to trust your inner guide and direct your life in a way that suits you. And to know that as the wind changes to move in a new direction, so can you…

For me, this rule has led to unexpected places. Things I never thought I would enjoy or be good at turned out great once I saw past my mind’s judgment. It’s also helped me break free of ‘positive judgment’ – those things you think are right for you even when they aren’t. Life feels more relaxed as I’m not at war with my mind anymore. And the path forward keeps getting more fun!