If you’ve been daydreaming without acting or saying ‘I’ll do that when…” than this is a go-to trick to get you:


  • Out of the “someday” mindset and

  • Building true momentum in your life.

What if you didn’t have to wait for the perfect time to go after what you really wanted?

Perfection is a dangerous mindset we all fall into from time to time. We daydream about the maybe somedays’ but then wait to act on it until we have the perfect situation. Fear creeps in at the unknown and our hopeful ‘what ifs’ turn into ‘oh no, what ifs’. It becomes necessary to stand still and wait for ‘the right’ thing to come before we step into something new.

This ‘rule of the road’ will teach you how to come off wait and take action. With this you’ll stop procrastinating with never-ending pro-con lists. And stop living in the dream of the future – not the creation of the now.

For me, this is my favorite rallying cry to get my butt in gear. Instead of getting lost in the cul-de-sac of the mind, this gives me an immediate off ramp back into my life. I say this to myself and go do whatever feels light and interesting (watch rule #1 for more on this!). Many things I would have never followed through on were enjoyed thanks to this nugget of gold!